Functional training

In functional training you practice different muscle groups at different difficulty levels and it's only up to you which kind of circuit training program you choose. In every type of functional training you exercise under close supervision of an experienced trainer and you practice individual parts of your whole body at several stations with various sport equipment. Due to the aerobic speed, the individual exercises are performed in quick succession and thus you effectively strengthen your muscles, increase your muscular endurance and accelerate your metabolism.
During the lessons you move quickly in a circle from one station to another and due to this dynamics you effectively burn fats and strengthen the problematic body parts. The principle of the functional training is to simulate everyday activities such as walking, bending, lifting, stair climbing and thus to improve your muscle balance and motor skills. The exercises help to develop joint stability and to prevent injuries of the musculoskeletal apparatus.
Choose one of our functional training programs that have been specially prepared in order to help you to improve your sports performance (FT STRONG), effectively eliminate fat and shape your body while having fun at the same time (FT FUN) or to improve your balance and body posture (FT BALANCE).

Functional training



Do you want to increase your performance in terms of strength and muscle durability?

Then the functional training STRONG is exactly for you. It is aimed at muscular strengthening through the body's own weight. An important complement to this exercise is to use the latest functional training equipment such as kettelbells, powerbags, TRX, dumbbells, medicine balls, big balls, expanders, trapeze and climbing wall.

FT STRONG utilizes functional strength, which, unlike the linear or brute force develops movement coordination, balance and stability. This enables you to move with greater ease and lower intensity. With FT STRONG you not only increase your strength, but you also foster mutual cooperation of your nervous and muscular system.

FT STRONG is an ideal program for those who want to challenge the maximum number of muscle groups in the general exercise to improve their overall fitness.



Would you like to improve your balance and your overall posture?

With FT BALANCE you develop your movement coordination skills and learn to move elegantly as dancers. The playful training provides balance development and improvement of the overall body posture using modern equipment such as bosu, aquahit, dis-balance pads, aerosteppers, etc.

FT BALANCE focuses on perfect exercises of the pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm and other muscles that enable greater stability and thus help to prevent many injuries caused by incorrect body posture.

Immediately after the very first FT BALANCE lesson you will feel how each of your steps is becoming more confident.



Do you feel more confident when you exercise among other women and under the guidance of a female trainer?

If you prefer to exercise in a group consisting of women only, do not hesitate to come and work out during our functional training for women. Training tools and speed of rotation of the individual elements are specially adapted to the needs of the female body.

FT WOMEN is the right choice for all women who want to exercise in a friendly environment with a sympathetic female trainer.



Do you need to quickly get in shape and once and for all destroy fat cells? Do you want to exercise effectively while having fun?

Try FT FUN and see how great you will feel in your changing body. At the individual stations you will practice exercises of aerobic nature such as various sprints, jumps, skipping ropes, boxing, etc. These fast-changing activities with limited rest stimulate the metabolism so that your body burns fat much faster.

The principle of the FUN training is to bring something new in each lesson so that the training is always engaging and playful. Functional training will not only help you to loss weight, but also to shape the problematic parts of your body and, moreover, you will have a great fun.

You will see that after the first FUN training you will be looking forward to the next entertaining lesson full of fun and original approach of your trainer.



 Do you want to keep fit but you don´t like spending long hours in fitness centres or are you too busy? Come to the 30 minutes FT Express training.

It is a combination of all types of functional training our gym offers.

The training consists of three parts:

• stretching and warm up (jogging, obstacles, alphabets)
• exercises to strengthen the body´s core (abdomen, back, strengthening the neglected inner muscles with
  balancing tools)
• exercises with functional training tools for strengthening and shaping of the whole body, fat loss and overall
  fitness enhancement.



You are a fan of our  Function Trainings, but you think you can’t handle it? You did not train for a long time and you want to begin slowly and with a less heavier load?

Function Training Beginners aims to everyone who is not in the mood to begin straight away with regular trainings/lessons. Your trainer will introduce you the concept of the exercising, will teach you the basic exercises and you will become familiar with the utilities which we use for the Function Trainings. You will begin slowly ,with less heavy loads and you will strengthen your body center,so that to get ready and feel free to check out all our types of lessons.

Specialized lesson



Do you want to do the best for your body and have fun at the same time?
Come to our jumping lesson for an intense workout accompanied by a dynamic and motivating music!

Jumping is a modern aerobic exercise on professional trampolines suitable for all age groups. Thanks to the exercises on trampolines you will improve your physical condition and shape your body. Jumping supports and improves the cardiovascular system, stability and body posture, increases durability, offers relief from the pain of your back, neck or head.

XXX (Jumping trainer): "During the Jumping training you can burn up to 1500 kJ, you will strengthen the whole body and due to the soft landings you save your joints. Exercising on trampolines is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels."



Are you looking for a workout that will help you to restore or keep your vitality, cheer up your mind and releases stress at the same time? Pilates is a popular and effective method that will help you to get a flexible, firm and strong body.

Pilates is a Body and Mind type of exercise. It requires your absolute concentration. Its aim is to gain mental and physical harmony. Its basis lies in conscious deep breathing, during which the body and soul merge in single unit. The program consists of a series of 34 basic exercises and others using machines.

Dana (Pilates instructor): "Pilates is suitable for people of all age groups, both for those who are in well-kept condition and for those who are not. It is highly recommended for people suffering from chronic pain and during post-injury rehabilitation. Besides increasing physical flexibility, it can also help to reduce stress and improve sleep activity."

TRX (Total body Resistence Exercises)


You have not yet found a complete strengthening of the whole body using only the weight of your own body? For TRX you don´t need any equipment; during the exercises you use a special suspension system (a tool consisting of telescopically adjustable parachute webbing with a set of spring-hooks) and your weight.

The exercise is suitable for both beginners and athletes, men as well as women. TRX is very efficient; you can change the position of your body and thus easily add or reduce resistance to adjust the intensity of the exercise. It is the best suspension system in its class that uses gravity and your body weight to perform a wide range of exercises.

Honza (TRX trainer): "In a special lesson we will help you to build a strong core and to remove the pain in the overloaded muscle groups. After only a few lessons your range of motion will extend and your muscle endurance will increase. "

Personal Training

Personal Training


For companies

For companies


Tailor made training courses for the employees of your company.


Our specialized training center POWERFIT ( offers numerous forms of exercise under the guidance of a professional trainer.

• various types of functional training recommended on the basis of diagnostic tests

• Individual solutions of functional training

• Group training, suitable as a teambuilding activity

• Other specialized lessons - Jumping, TRX, Pump it, Yoga, Pilates and more

• Special classes for women only

• Massage and physiotherapy

„If you're fed up with the gym or lessons in crowded halls and looking for something new, we recomend you joining teambuilding in Powerfit. We all enjoyed the lesson mainly by its variety of exercises and equipment, professional approach of the instructor and perfect atmosphere of Powerfit. The entire space is air-conditioned, there is trivia in the form of borrowing equipment ,from towel up to nutrition supplements“

Martina Uková, SOGEMA GROUP


Should you be interested please contact us. We will prepare a special offer according to the requirements of your company.

For more information please contact:

Markéta Dudová

Tel.: +420 720 356 075

Reference Sogema


As Powerfit ,within the company teambuilding,we gratuated lesson FT Fun. The instructor focused to  each individually, correcting technique exercises constantly , motivated us and although we were consisted of a variety of performance and age categories, noone had the feeling of  execising more or less than the rest of the team. To sum as a whole, we all enjoyed the lesson mainly by its variety of exercises and equipment, professional approach of the instructor and perfect atmosphere of Powerfit. The entire space is air-conditioned, there is trivia in the form of borrowing equipment ,from towel up to nutrition supplements. If you are fed up with the gym or lessons in crowded halls -  here are up to 10 people attended lessons, and are you looking for something new, then we highly recommend to all vising us.

Specific sports

Specific sports


Are you a sports club or sportsman? Your performance has stagnated or your training has become stereotyped?

Besides operating basic/standard  lessons, our attempt of training center Powerfit , is the cooperation with sports clubs and athletes. We offer sports development programs, planned as „tailor made“ for the given level of the sport sector needs. We have an outstanding gym, with many special equipment that can be perfectly used for example for swimmers, football players and athletes. We can also create a special comprehensive program, including massage, physical therapy, nutritional counseling and sports diagnostics.