Do you feel more confident when you exercise among other women and under the guidance of a female trainer?

If you prefer to exercise in a group consisting of women only, do not hesitate to come and work out during our functional training for women. Training tools and speed of rotation of the individual elements are specially adapted to the needs of the female body.

FT WOMEN is the right choice for all women who want to exercise in a friendly environment with a sympathetic female trainer.


Are you pregnant, but still you would wish to fully train and exersise?

Exercise in pregnancy is for women highly beneficial. It helps to manage pregnancy both both mentally and physically, and mainly it helps to overcome the birth itself. It is all about various fitness and stretching exercises using various equipment,like fitballs, overballs, fitness elastic bands or practicing on a floor pad. The exercise is focused on problematic parts of the body in pregnancy. Its aim is to relax overburdened muscles, stretch them and get in shape muscles that will be needed during childbirth or during pregnancy. It focuses primarily on the release of the spine and strengthen the pelvic muscles. The target is to reduce or even eliminate some pregnancy difficulties , for example swelling of the legs.


You wish to getting  in shape after giving birth as quickly as possible, but you cannot find a suitable form of workout?

Training after giving birth is a special form of exercise for mommies after the period of 6 weeks, so they can get back their psysical fitness condition and shape. The target is to firm and shape the belly, the loose pelvic muscles and of course gradually strengthen and shape all the muscles of the body. Moreover, thanks to properly carried out exercises after giving birth, which will show you our experienced instructors, you can regain your former shape or even improve it.